About Us


The Silver Oak Group is a dining, catering, and entertainment group founded & based in Hong Kong, headed by three talented and successful "Cuisineers" with a passion for perfection, an eye for detail, and an instinctive nature towards bringing to Hong Kong dining people creative, innovative, and attractive food and beverage concepts.

Together, Mr. Tony Brar, Mr. Rajeev Bhasin, and Mr. Sunny Sekhon have the benefit of a culmination of over six decades of F&B exposure and business experience that will no doubt serve this newly founded enterprise superbly well.

Building on the co-founder's passion for international travel and uncovering unexplored dining adventures, the Silver Oak Group aims to artfully craft distinctive F&B venues where the creative talents of Hong Kong's renowned & vibrant F&B professionals utilize the choicest, freshest, premium, local and imported ingredients to both dazzle and delight, the deservedly fastidious Hong Kong drinking and dining patron.

The journey begins for the group with the opening and launch of the premier venue – "Quiero Más" - a contemporary, innovative modern Mediterranean dining experience featuring the cuisines of the 'golden coast' from Barcelona to Bologna.

The Silver Oak Group aims to artfully craft distinctive dining and entertainment venues where the creative talents of Hong Kong's renowned and vibrant F&B professionals utilize the freshest, premium local and imported ingredients to dazzle and delight first-hand, the fastidious Hong Kong dining and drinking patron.

FOUNDERS: The Primed Principals


As the Founder of the Silver Oak Group, Tony Brar, represents a true visionary with over three decades of business experience and unrivaled success across several fields of uber-competitive industries.

Arriving in Hong Kong in 1990 at the tender age of 16, Tony commenced his early career in the culinary-ingredient supply business. Immersing himself in the opportunity, Tony quickly learned the local business culture, and even the language, of his new native city. Always a quick study, when the opportunity arose to join a family member in the booming textile industry at that time, Tony jumped on the prospect, quickly rising through the ranks of his field, eventually overseeing the national sales of a multinational textile trading organization.

Assured of success, it came as no surprise when Tony decided to strike forward with his own eponymous company in the year 2000 ("Bobby & Tony Enterprises") which was a natural progression for this talented and aggressive young entrepreneur. The opening paid handsomely as the Company became one of the most pioneering of Hong Kong's competitive textile Design & Trade Houses, growing today to become a highly successful division in its own right – under the umbrella company "The Brar Group" founded in 2005.


From his early days in the '80s with the Taj Hotel Group in India – the amiable Rajeev Bhasin knew his hospitality wings would take him afar one day.

Arriving in Hong Kong in 1991 for a management role with the Harilela Restaurant Group, Rajeev oversaw the rapid expansion and opening of almost a dozen dining and entertainment concepts in almost two decades.

Forging his path in 2012 with his own Hospitality company "Mayfare Concepts", Rajeev now operates three of his own highly successful restaurants across the competitive Hong Kong cuisine-scene: "Namo" – Avant Thai, Michelin recommended high-dining at its finest; the legendary Michelin listed Gaylord Indian restaurant and; the contemporary Indian restobar "Gunpowder."

Cooling his 'entrepreneurial heels' for the past three years due to the troubling Hong Kong social climate, and then the recent effects of the Covid pandemic, Rajeev has been waiting for the opportunity to explore his culinary wings with the opening of a long-awaited Mediterranean concept to satiate Hong Kong's hungry hordes.


Arriving in the Pearl of the Orient in 2001 with a bright and entrepreneurial spirit, Sunny Sekhon took just two short years to focus on the creation of his own eponymous Company, focusing on commerce in electronics and communications. A relocation to Australia allowed Sunny to spread his entrepreneurial wings entering into land development and real estate in a bustling property market before creating a global travel agency in 2019, with branches in the US, Australia and Hong Kong.

It's no surprise therefore, that with Sunny’s international exposure, global travel experience and intercontinental background that this enthusiastic businessmen developed a strong and prevailing interest in Food & Beverage industry at large – one that enthused him to be a Founding Member of the Silver Oak Group, allowing him to further develop his passion for Food and Beverage.