The Primed Principals

As the Founder of the Silver Oak Hospitality Group, Tony Brar, represents a true visionary with over three decades of business experience and unrivaled success across several fields of uber-competitive industries. 

Arriving in Hong Kong in 1990 at the tender age of 16, Tony commenced his early career in the culinary-ingredient supply business. Immersing himself in the opportunity, Tony quickly learned the local business culture, and even the language, of his new native city. Always a quick study, when the opportunity arose to join a family member in the booming textile industry at that time, Tony jumped on the prospect, quickly rising through the ranks of his field, eventually overseeing the national sales of a multinational textile trading organization.

Assured of success, it came as no surprise when Tony decided to strike forward with his own eponymous company in the year 2000 ("Bobby & Tony Enterprises") which was a natural progression for this talented and aggressive young entrepreneur. The opening paid handsomely as the Company became one of the most pioneering of Hong Kong's competitive textile Design & Trade Houses, growing today to become a highly successful division in its own right – under the umbrella company  "The Brar Group" founded in 2005.

Furthering the group's ambitions for diversification and international expansion, Tony personally spearheaded the Company's venture into their very own international retail fabric brand – "Fabio Rossini" in 2015; a real estate development company in Melbourne, Australia in 2017; and most recently a hospitality foray in Hong Kong with the acquisition and management of the 50 room property for the Hotel industry in 2021.

It was over a dinner conversation with his old friend, Mr. Rajeev Bhasin, that the notion of joining forces with the successful restauranter was conceived, to form the Silver Oak Hospitality Group for the creation, development, and opening of international dining concepts across Hong Kong. 

From his early days in the '80s with the Taj Hotel Group in India – the amiable Rajeev Bhasin knew his hospitality wings would take him afar one day. 

Arriving in Hong Kong in 1991 for a management role with the Harilela Restaurant Group, Rajeev oversaw the rapid expansion and opening of almost a dozen dining and entertainment concepts in almost two decades. 

Forging his path in 2012 with his own Hospitality company "Mayfare Concepts", Rajeev now operates three of his own highly successful restaurants across the competitive Hong Kong cuisine-scene: "Namo" – Avant Thai, Michelin recommended high-dining at its finest; the legendary Michelin listed Gaylord Indian restaurant and; the contemporary Indian restobar "Gunpowder."

Cooling his 'entrepreneurial heels' for the past three years due to the troubling Hong Kong social climate, and then the recent effects of the Covid pandemic, Rajeev has been waiting for the opportunity to explore his culinary wings with the opening of a long-awaited Mediterranean concept to satiate Hong Kong's hungry hordes.

An opportune discussion with Tony resulted in an obvious synergy did both gentlemen wished to explore, and enter centerstage …. the Silver Oak Hospitality Group's premier new venue, featuring contemporary Mediterranean cuisine – "Quiero Mas" ("I want more").

Mr. Rajeev Bhasin

Mr. Tony Brar